Thorough Inspections

My inspection process includes much more than what other inspectors offer.  We will research the property records before arriving on-site to better gauge what we should be looking for.  My software guides me through the property and my next-day service ensures I don’t miss any major defects.

Up-Front Pricing

My fees are calculated upfront and  before the agreement is signed.  My fees are competitive to other home inspectors in the local area and throughout the home inspection industry and I offer my services than most inspectors on my inspections.

Latest Technology

Although a home inspection is a visual inspection, I use the latest technology and software to guide the inspection process.  Every effort is made to reveal even the slightest problems.  I use a variety of test instruments, meters, and imagery equipment to thoroughly document the property.

Next Business-Day Reports

Many home inspectors promise same-day reports so they can pack more inspections into their day.  Let’s be honest…a thorough home inspection cannot be accomplished in just a few hours on site.  Many problem areas are not discovered until the pictures are reviewed while researching the report.  Don’t be treated like a number.  Let me prove my reputation to you.

Homebuyer Tips
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A home inspection is designed to determine whether all of the essential components of a home are present and doing their jobs.  This is accomplished by doing a visual, non-destructive examination of all the components of the house.  Although certified home inspectors are very knowledgeable about the construction trade, we are only generalist inspectors.  Sometimes, our best recommendation is to hire a specialist to evaluate a specific component.  This is the equivalent of a family doctor recommending a specialist doctor for further diagnosis.  Also, we are not “code” inspectors.  Every house has a history and unraveling that history is not always possible in the time that the inspector is on site.  Building codes have changed through the years and each contractor has a specific way of doing things.  Because of that, the inspectors job is to evaluate the current condition of the components, not whether or not they are up to code.

Home inspectors will save you money.  The fee that you pay for a home inspection is minimal compared to what you would spend hiring the various specialists that it would take to do a thorough examination of a home.  Imagine hiring an electrician, plumber, roofer, general contractor, landscaper, engineer, etc… This would cost you tens of thousands of dollars.  A home inspection will tell you whether or not you need the services of a specialist.